Become a contributor I want to be a contributor There are numerous options for working together to achieve our goals. Nedgia will support you and provide you with tools to make life easier for you and your clients.

Who are our contributors?

Our contributors offer projects, installations, natural gas equipment, or the connection and use of natural gas to their customers, whether as a part of their business or as a way of offering a comprehensive service to their customers.

At Nedgia, we make our contributors’ work easier by orienting them and providing tools to increase their customers’ satisfaction in a specialised way. 

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, what sector you’re in or if you’re self-employed. Each and every partnership is important to us.


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Why should I become a Naturgy contributor?

We help you offer a turnkey solution to your customers
This allows you to sell other services and make your relationship with your customers more profitable.
You have up-to-date information that allows you to play a proactive role and provide support throughout the entire process.
Lower installation costs, as better coordination with Nedgia prevents any anomalies.
This is a competitive edge compared to other companies in your sector.
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What do we provide to our contributors?

Private area


Access to the Nedgia Private Area to process network connection applications, receive information regarding network availability and the status of supply points to be registered.



Check out all information and documents regarding Nedgia offers for your customers, who are they intended for and how to apply them, what funding is available and how you will receive it, validity periods, etc.

Acerca Platform


Specialised, priority attention channel that supports partner companies in developing their activities related to the project and the installation of natural gas.

What’s new?


Up-to-date information on what’s new and messages from Nedgia and the sector.

Your customers also benefit

Mother and daughter in front of a radiator, comfort provided by natural gas
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You will be the single point of contact with the customer, thereby simplifying all the paperwork they have to do and improving their satisfaction levels.
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A faster and higher quality gas connection thanks to better coordination between you and Nedgia.
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Piece of mind and convenience for the customer.
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Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.