We have interesting offers for your clients! Get your customers to save from the first minute with the offers we have for the installation of natural gas.

Offers for the home

For people who have natural gas installed in their building but not in their home, and would like to have it installed.

Hot water installation

We give €200 if installing natural gas for hot water.

Heating installation

We give €300 if installing natural gas for heating.

Boiler room offers

Find out about our campaigns and offers for homeowners’ associations. Switching to natural gas means significant savings for your customers, who can enjoy maximum comfort at home.

Convert your boiler room

Find out about the discounts your customers can enjoy when they convert their boiler rooms to natural gas.

Decentralise your boiler room

Your customers will benefit from individualised heating in their buildings.

Grants in the Madrid Region

Learn about the benefits of renovating your customers’ boiler room in the Madrid Region.

Offers for businesses

Install natural gas in your business and enjoy a safe, clean energy supply that is compatible with the most modern equipment.

Install natural gas in your business

Your customers will make savings when they install natural gas in their business.

Grants in the
Madrid Region

Conversion of boiler rooms to natural gas for businesses.

We are giving you advance notice of the special offers we will be activating in April for:

  • Boiler room conversion
  • Boiler room decentralisation
  • Business