We have the following offer for you and your customers to decentralise the boiler rooms of homeowners’ associations with natural gas.

Who can benefit from this offer?


Yellow legend button Homeowners’ associations of at least five homes with centralised heating that want to individualise it, but do not have natural gas in their building.

Yellow legend button Applicable to all distributors.

What are the minimum requirements of the offer?

Yellow legend button At least 80% of the homes in the building must install natural gas with the 3.2 access tariff.

Yellow legend button The Communal Receiving Installation will be the property of the Distributor.

Before offering this aid to your customers, you must validate these requirements with the Nedgia agent.

How much will the customer receive?

Yellow legend button From 5 homes


Yellow legend button In Galicia, since October 1, the contribution is



How do I apply the offer to the customer?

The customer must provide you with a signed copy of the following documents:

Yellow legend button Financial conditions of the offer.

Yellow legend button Network connection request.

Yellow legend button Bank account certificate.


You must upload this documentation to the Private Area, along with:

Yellow legend button Agreement approving construction of the Communal Receiving Installation in the building.

Yellow legend button Document showing the structure of the building.

Yellow legend button Document issued by Nedgia validating the offer.

How will the customer receive the contribution?

Yellow legend button The customer receives Nedgia’s financial contribution by bank transfer in a period of approximately one month after commissioning.

What is the validity period?

Yellow legend button The offer is valid for requests received between 1 September and 31 December 2020 (offer extended until March 31, 2021) that are commissioned within 12 months of the application date. 

Additional documents

Financial conditions

Download the financial conditions of the offer for the Autonomous Community where the homeowners’ association is located:

Network connection request (NCR)

Download the network connection request document and, if you have any questions, download the NCR completion guide.

Other related documents

Sales support material

2020 decentralisation leaflet (PDF 4Mb)