We offer you and your customers a gift of €300 for installing natural gas heating in their home

Terms and conditions of the offer

Who can benefit from the offer?


Yellow legend button  Future customers living in a block of flats that has natural gas installed, but who don’t yet have it in their home.

Yellow legend button  The block should be located in a Nedgia distribution area.

Yellow legend button  Applicable to all distributors, except Aragón.

What are the requirements of the offer?

Yellow legend button  It is a new natural gas installation for heating with a hydraulic circuit.

Yellow legend button  The property has not had a natural gas supply within the last 3 years.

Yellow legend button  When the First Occupancy Licence (LPO) was granted, there was no natural gas receiver installation.

Yellow legend button  Minimum contract period of 24 months from commissioning.

How much will the customer receive?

Yellow legend button  The financial contribution related to the offer is of


How is it applied to the customer?

The customer must provide you with a signed copy of the following documents:

Yellow legend button  Financial conditions of the offer.

Yellow legend button  Bank account certificate of the person making the request.

You must upload this documentation to the Private Area:

Processing guide

How does the customer receive the contribution?

Yellow legend button  The customer receives Nedgia’s financial contribution by bank transfer in a period of approximately one month after commissioning.

 Oferta gas natural prorrogada

What is the validity period?

Yellow legend buttonThe offer is valid for requests received between 15 December 2020 and 31 March 2021 (or the last day of the extended period, if applicable) and commissioned within 2 months of request confirmation.

Yellow legend button Any extensions will be notified in this area of the web page nedgia-wordpress.apinedgia-dev.gniinnova.com 

Financial conditions

Download the financial conditions of the offer for the Autonomous Community where the homeowners’ association is located: