The Spanish Biogas Association, which NEDGIA is part of, promotes renewable gas as a current and future solution for mobility

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The association, which contains 20 companies from the renewable gas sector including NEDGIA and Naturgy Iberia, aims to develop renewable gas to contribute towards achieving the objective of decarbonisation.

The Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG) promotes the introduction of renewable gas as current and future energy solution for mobility.

The association, which brings together 20 companies from the renewable gas sector including NEDGIA and Naturgy Iberia, has assessed the draft bill of Climate Change and Energy Transition because of its focus on developing renewable energy and since it positions renewable gas as a point of current and future development.

In accordance with the draft bill, the government is able to approve support mechanisms for biomethane and those that enable it to be inserted into the natural gas network. These mechanisms can be financed by the regulated revenue from the natural gas sector. On the other hand, the positioning of transport without direct carbon emissions in the tourism sector and light commercial vehicles, and the use of biomethane in transport are understood to have no direct carbon dioxide emissions.


Renewable gas

Renewable gas is a never-ending energy supply with zero CO2 emissions that is also completely interchangeable with natural gas so it can be distributed through the 13,000 kilometres of gas pipelines in Spain.

It can also play an important role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector. It is produced locally and drives energy self-sufficiency, reduces dependency on external energy, resolves the problem of urban, livestock, agricultural and agri-food waste, helps structure the rural world, therefore creating economic activity and new jobs in rural areas, and completes the cycle of the circular economy.

There are already 600 plants incorporated into the pipeline network across Europe, but there is only one plant in operation in Spain.



The objective of the Spanish Biogas Association (AEBIG) is to represent and promote renewable gas as a green energy source that improves the environment and as support for both industrial and rural development by establishing a communication and collaboration platform with other private organisations or national and international Public Administrations in order to promote these interests.

AEBIG aims to develop renewable gas in order to contribute fully to achieving the decarbonisation objectives. The association recently approved its strategic action plans for the next financial year and reaffirmed its commitment to representing and promoting renewable gas as a green energy source, as a sector that provides solutions for improving the environment and rural development, placing special emphasis on harmonising and aligning with the decarbonisation policies of the European Union and the circular economy.

The AEBIG Board of Directors is led by Francisco Repullo (INPER) and the Vice-chairmen are Luis Puchades (BIOVIC) and David Fernández (NEDGIA).



NEDGIA, the gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, is the leader in natural gas distribution in Spain, where it operates through different companies in 11 regions. The company has over 5.4 million supply points and has more than 52,400 kilometres of network in 1,200 Spanish towns.

Madrid, 28 November 2018.

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