Install natural gas and forget about the delivery truck

Natural gas is an environmentally friendly energy which makes every corner of your home more comfortable.

   Benefits throughout your home

Convenience and flavour when cooking with natural gas

Well-being throughout your entire home. You’ll enjoy even heating, hot water which is always available and better cooking for food as natural gas enables you to control the adjustable flame instantaneously.

Feedback icon   The most comfortable energy

Comfort with natural gas

Natural gas is an energy with continuous supply, so you won’t need to regularly add fuel, handle it or have a place to store it.

Finance icon   The tranquillity of a stable price

Comfort and savings with natural gas

You will benefit from one of the cheapest energy sources on the market, with the most stable price over the last 15 years. Natural gas is always paid for after use, and there are no leftovers to consume.

Biodiversity pictogram Environmental benefits   Respect for the environment

Look after the environment nedgia

Natural gas is less contaminating than other conventional energies as there are practically zero solid emissions of particles and it produces less CO2.

How much will I save?
Hot water
Hot water
With natural gas, your saving is...
Coste del gas natural
Coste de electricidad
Coste del gas natural
Coste de electricidad

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